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Chorizo Manchego Skewers $16

12 month aged Manchego, Spanish Chorizo, green olives, marcona almonds, toasted baguette. 


Coppa $19

Napolitan cured pork shoulder, sliced Italian buffala, olives, olive oil, thyme, grilled sourdough. 


Wine Bar Curated Sampler $65

An assortment of our weekly cheeses, charcuterie meats, compotes, nuts, fruit, toasted baguette, sourdough 




Monte Enebro $18

A soft-ripened pasteurized goat's milk cheese, handmade exclusively by legendary cheese maker Rafael Baez and his daughter Paloma in Avila, Spain. The cheese is lactic towards the centre and the paste becomes more piquant and intense near the rind. It is one of the most reputed cheeses from Spain. Accompanied by acacia honey, walnuts, toasted baguette. 


Château du Bourgogne $20

An unpasteurized triple cream (by adding hot cream to milk) from Burgundy, France. Served with local honey, apricot compote, cashews, strawberry, toasted baguette. 


Burrata $22

Local PEC Buffalo milk cheese. Fresh Mozzarella containing Stracciatella in its interior. Translated from Italian, burrata literally means buttery. Paired with micro greens, bosc pear, toasted baguette and drizzled with Cartuxa winery olive oil. 

Five Brothers by Gunn’s Hill $20

A local cow’s milk cheese that combines traits of Gouda and Swiss Appenzeller. Creamy, rich with sweeter overtones. Aged on cedar planks to adding complexity. Paired with honey, figs, walnuts, toasted baguette. 



Bread and Mixed Olives $10

Wild Boar and Broad Bean Soup $12

Anchovy Cichetti $16

Venetian tapas, black olive paste, giardiniera, fresh anchovy, toasted baguette.


Aragon Black Truffle Crostini $16

Moliterno cheese, toasted baguette, Aragon black truffle, micro greens. 


Saffron Hummus $16

House made hummus, saffron, lemon, herbs, crostini.



Porchetta Sliders $22

12 hour cherry wood smoked porchetta from Wine Country Barbeque, salsa verde, caper aioli, picked onion served on 2 brioche buns. 


Wild 4-6 Black Tiger Shrimp Cocktail $28

Avocado, cocktail sauce, lime 


Cherry Tomato Bulgarian Feta Salad $14

Bulgarian sheep feta, micro greens, Marcona almonds, fresh basil, kalamata olives 

Tuscan Truffle & Duck Confit Crostini $28

Fried quail egg, Muscovy duck confit, polenta discs, shaved white Tuscan Bianchetteo truffle, Hawaiian red salt.